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About Us

Beautyback Facelift Bands

We are Beautyback Facelift Bands.  Our mission: to save the day for the sake of our customers, who want to get back their youthful appearance, with our collection of facebands, at a fraction of the cost of many..  These super gems work ! They are safe, durable, and attractive.  You will see an improved you right away. You will see soon enough, that these patentpending super helpers are what you've been needing in your cosmetic beauty gear to keep you looking beautiful. Trust that comment, stick with our newly formed venture.  We have some wonderful plans in store for you! We know everyone isn't wealthy, and with prices keep going up on everyone, keeping up appearances can become costly.  Who wouldn't want a product that's going to save them a lot of money, early on? Beautyback wants to become your one-stop-beauty-biz store for fabulous facelift bands, cosmetics, newsy tidbits on beauty care. We are working on perfecting our products, introducing the latest, and just having a great time with this new journey. Join us !  Let's keep being beautiful 'going on' !